Monday, November 24, 2014

Take the time to change a life today

It's Monday what are you waiting for? Change a life...Now!

Monday is a great day to take the time to change a life. In our office a few of us have challenged each other to try to go out of our way at least 3 times each day to change a life. Usually we have this accomplished by noon, but some days are harder than others. More than 3, sure keep them coming.

The key is to go out of your way to help someone out. It can something as small as opening a door or something complicated like helping to solve a business problem. Doesn't matter if it is big or small it is truly rewarding to help someone out.

The great thing about changing someone else's life is that it changes yours as well. 

Give it a try, you'll be glad you did. Change a life today...

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