Tuesday, January 28, 2014

52 Mondays...It changes lives!

52 Mondays is a project I started out of necessity. I hated Mondays and so did everyone around me. It then occurred to me that if I embraced Monday, it is after all 1/7 of your life, I could then tackle a big, big problem I had; starting the week off on a negative note. Being in Sales and Marketing I needed to stay as positive as I possibly could. So one Sunday morning I came up with 52 Mondays.

I have been embracing this change for over a year now it has been truly life changing. Have there been some bumps on along the road? Sure. Have some of my negative feelings got back in my head? You betcha.

It's process that takes time and patience (2 things I have little of) but once you realize the incredible affect positive change can have on your life you will reap the rewards quickly. Both in your business and personal lives.

52 Mondays, where positivity will help change your life.

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